Just let us know where we can load and unload your product...

The QaGroup is established with a desire to improve the transport of goods by water. To make it more professional, more transparent, more environmental friendly and safer. Firstly we have designed the inland barge of the future, travelling on 100% LNG generators, and using the latest technologies from inside and outside the shipping industry. Secondly, we are making sure to only work with highly skilled personnel, all trained in accordance to the latest safety standards. In addition we run our own personnel recruitment, selection and mediation agency, QaCrew. Also we are specialised in the daily and general management of barges. Just let us know where to load and unload your product... The new standard in shipping.

Safety starts with people

We strive for optimal safety. Because safety starts with people we decided to do it ourselves. We initiated QaCrew, a personnel recruitment, selection and mediation agency to guarantee a professional crew.

We ensure the recruitment and mediation of experienced, personnel who operate as self-managing teams on inland barges. This means you do not have to implement a personnel administration and that you do not have any employment law risks. Based on our industry experience and expertise we also take care of the safety and general management supporting the on board crew.

For more information we refer to QaCrew



Disability insurance


QaMobile facilitates shipping companies in optimising their fleet management. You will always have realtime access to the barge’s operational information, which makes sure that the operational processes and those of your clients will function optimally. In addition to extensive fuel savings you will increase the safety and reliability of your fleet. The collected data is translated into information. Based of pre-defined norms you will only be bothered with information you would like to see. For example when more fuel is used than 120 liters per hour, when a terminal is entered, or when loading has started. This information will be presented on you PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For more information we refer to QaMobile

More efficient and independent

Continued functioning of the barge often comes at the expense of general management. However, based on experience and research, calculations show that the return on investment of the average inland barge can be increased by 10% to 20%. Considering average freight revenues this can mount up to €100.000,- per year. By optimising your finance, crew, commercial and purchasing management you will therefore be able to operate more efficiently and independently. If you are curious that this may apply to you, then feel free to contact us for a complimentary independent QuickScan.